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Will you agree that the most important thing we do everyday to stay alive is BREATHE... ?

A short few minutes without breath, and we die. 

What if we could learn simple techniques to enhance our breathing and increase the oxygen flowing through our bodies?


Would you be interested?

With Qi Gong you can easily learn how to have more energy, vibrant health, and better mental focus. 

You can become a better YOU in 90 Days! 

There's much here to see. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about this Rarely taught form of:

Mei hua qi gong

See what people like you and me are saying:

Enjoy the benefits of a stronger body by using an ancient therapy technique that is tried, true, and available to anyone who can take a breath.

Susan R. MN, RN

North Little Rock, AR

THIS WORKS! I can take it anywhere!

No more a skeptic, I am sold !!!

Susan B.

Little Rock, AR

I believe Qi training saved my life and helped me recover exponentially quicker from my recent Near Death experience.

Mike M. - Perfusionist

Maumelle, AR

I think its such a valuable tool; I just wish more people will know about it!


Ming L. - R.N.

Little Rock, AR

A review of our Body Systems as an Analogy for Qi flow.



Everyone may have some concept of our body's blood circulatory system. If a blockage of blood occurs, we know that's a bad thing!! No blood flow to the heart leads to a heart attack. No blood flow to the brain results in a stroke. No blood flow to your pinky finger, and eventually it will need to be removed. 



We all have a good idea about our body's nervous system. When we get a pinched nerve in our neck, we know we will have pain. If we have a pinched nerve in our back, we could have back pain, sciatica, or possible numbness and loss of feeling. 



A lesser known system is our body's lymphatic system. When lymph nodes in our neck get swollen and painful we get a cold or a flu. When the lymph is stagnant, or blocked in the neck area, we may also have a sore/ swollen throat

Now let's talk about our bodies Qi System



Just like our blood, our nerves, and our lymph, our Qi needs to circulate properly within our bodies. Qi actually has its circulatory channels in our body called meridians. When these channels become blocked with stagnant energy, pain and suffering begin to occur.


Through normal aging, illness, dis-ease, stress, accidents, trauma, and just everyday life, we deplete our Qi energy storage.


We can easily learn to how cultivate and enhance our Qi, which will in turn give us more energy to enjoy in our daily life. The good news is that we can learn how to un-block stagnant or unwanted Qi energy. 

Enhance Your Own Healing Energy

Qi Gong has been the subject of research in such prestigious mainstream medical schools as Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins University.




Michael Roizem (Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic) says, 

"The magical property of Qi Gong is its ability to help you deal with the kind of stress that makes us age. Qi Gong helps slow aging at the cellular level.”


Within 30 days, of simple practice you can cleanse your bodies from the inside OUT. Your energy levels will be enhanced while at the same time you will diminish physical pains and illnesses. You will learn to strengthen internal organ systems, improve cardio- pulmonary function, and build internal power. When balanced, Qi flows from cell to cell without difficulty, circulating evenly throughout the body. But this is often not the case in our modern society. 

With Qi blockages, or stagnant Qi, pain and suffering will occur.


While contemporary medicine offers doctor visits and medication, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) offers a complementary / alternative healing based on proper Qi flow. Easily learn how to connect with your body’s own healing ability through simple body exercises.


Your body is the Finest Healing Machine ever designed ! 

Learn how to use it to its Fullest Potential. 

What is Qi ? 

Qi is the vital energy of the body. Qi Gong practice consists of a series of exercises including breathing, meditation, and rhythmical movements that can be easily learned by almost anyone of any age or physical condition. 


If you do a quick Google search you can see where Qi Gong is being used to: 

• Balance Energy 

• Increase Longevity 

• Promotes Anti-Aging 

• Lose Weight 

• Reduce Stress 

• Decrease Blood Pressure 

• Improve your overall health 

• Restores Vitality 

• Tone and Strengthen your Body, Inside and Outside 

• Reduce or totally eliminate, chronic pain, and suffering 

• Help your body recuperate from disease, illness, and surgery 

• Boost your energy levels. No Caffeine, No Bull! 

• Clear and sharpen your mind!

 • And the list goes on...

Let's face it: Health is the most important asset we have!! 

Would you like to learn how to live longer, be pain free, and have the energy of a 20 Year old? 


Martial artists use external Qi development so they can perform almost supernatural feats of strength, speed, and body protection! For example, We have all seen brick breaking demonstrations or martial artists lying on a bed of nails while having a cement block on their chest smashed with a 10 lb. sledge hammer. It is their Qi that is protecting them from breaking their hands or being impaled on the nails!  

  • Qi that external martial artists use to protect themselves from injury is the same Qi that you and I can learn to develop and cultivate internally so we can protect ourselves from pain: No needles, No drugs ! 

Senior Master Jeff Organ breaking a stack of Cement Blocks.


Senior Master Jeff Organ on a Bed of Nails.


Watch the Protective Power of Qi Gong!

17th Generation, Grand Master Tsai

Giving Seminar attendees a brief Introduction to his Rarely seen form of MEI HUA QI GONG.

Aurora A.---Alexander , AR

I’ve done different forms of qigong  in the past; these did help. But they’re nothing like this . If you have seen qigong, done qigong, or think you know qigong, THIS IS NOT THAT.

Working in Mei Hua Qigong has done a lot to help me : I have fibromyalgia , hypoglycemia, and other chronic health  issues. Working with Mei Hua Qigong Recently, I had a vicious outbreak of shingles . Balancing, a practice I have learned in the Mei Hua Qigong, really helped me get through the pain. I am forever grateful to know Mei Hua Qigong;  it has helped me strengthen my immune function.

Working with and doing cleansing on people gives me the opportunity to impact other people’s lives and well being .What a beautiful thing. When I work on other people , it gives to me too .

Find out more...Keep reading ;~)

We are Very Lucky to have living locally, Senior Master Jeff Organ

He is an extremely accomplished External and Internal Martial Artist with over 40 years of experience.

 • 8th Degree Black Sash Shaolin Kung Fu
• Assistant Technical Director / School Manager 

Tsai’s Kung Fu International - 1980’s 

• Three time Grand Champion :
Open Martial Arts Tournaments Michigan - 2005 

• 9th generation Shaolin Praying Mantis
• Founder of Michigan Shaolin Kung Fu Systems and 

Western Michigan Martial Arts Organization - 1990’s

 • 18th Generation Shaolin Mei Hua (Qi Gong) 


He is one of Grand Master Tsai’s top disciples.

Since early 1980s, Sifu Jeff Organ began to train directly with Grand Master Tsai. He traveled with Grand Master Tsai to Taiwan to meet and train with Grand Master Tsai’s teacher Great Grand Master Zhang. Upon returning to the U.S. he relocated to Chicago to further his mastery with Tsai’s Kung Fu International. At Tsai’s Kung Fu International Master Organ helped Grand Master Tsai train champions and develop quality teachers. His devotion has led him to further his Grand Mastership under the direction of Grand Master Tsai. 

About Us


<---Early Picture of Grand Master Tsai and Sifu Jeff Organ.


Great Grand Master Zhang and Grand Master Tsai’s student, Sifu Jeff Organ


<---Grand Master Tsai and Senior Master Jeff Organ.

Introduction to Senior Master Jeff Organ

Mei Hua Cleansing Video Testimonial

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Learn this rarely seen form of Mei Hua Qi Gong for Health and Wellness to relieve pain and suffering.

Start now and learn all the health and wellness benefits involved by practicing this 4,000 year old Art. Learn Mei Hua Qi Gong with 18th generation Senior Master Jeff Organ.


Qi Gong classes now Available in Little Rock: 

Wed evening 6-7 pm and Sat morning 10-11 am. 

Come Experience what Qi can do for YOU! For more information please email Senior Master Jeff Organ at: SMJO@IFeelQi.com 



Ming L. - R.N.

Little Rock, AR

Growing up in the east, I was exposed to qi gong all my life and so do not question its' potential. When I started having regular qi cleansing in October, I was relatively healthy and did not expect any miracles. Since the qi cleansing I have reduced my Advil use from once or twice a week to once may be every couple of months! 


It was much later that I realized I no longer have the shoulder pain that restricted my movement. The intense pain that had prevented me from certain movements was gone and has not returned even after I completed the course of qi cleansing. 

I think its such a valuable tool; I just wish more people will know about it! 


Susan B.

Little Rock, AR

Master Jeff did my first cleansing fourteen months ago. I had started qigong class as a skeptic; however, I have seen dramatic changes in my body. Having degenerative arthritis that had progressed, I was experiencing pain in the neck, lower back, and feet. The MRI'S showed bone on bone with spurs. Not wanting to use too many meds or have surgery, I began to take Mei Hua qigong seriously; I changed my practice from sporadic to daily. I now attend classes twice a week. I have noticed the pain is much less frequent. If I do have any pain, it is manageable. 

THIS WORKS! I can take it anywhere!

Last year in Spain I got this really bad lung infection. My husband was going to take me the hospital; I could not stop coughing; suddenly, I remembered my qi breathing. I did my 108 qi breaths that night. The next day I had no symptoms whatsoever. Also, in spite of being diagnosed with asthma, I have not used an inhaler in over a year. My asthma symptoms seem to have vanished! I have not suffered from bronchitis or even a cold this year....in the worst flu season. 

My stamina has increased, and I sleep better. 

No more a skeptic, I am sold !!!


Jan C.

Roland, AR

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia fifteen years ago. I had taken calcium supplements, done an hour of walking 5 days a week, done yoga for 40+ years, and free weights. None of these had helped. 

After doing 12 months of qigong training and qigong cultivation for 3 months, I was free from both conditions, according to my doctor's confirmation of the bone
densitometer report. 


Mike M. - Perfusionist

Maumelle, AR

I believe Qi training saved my life and helped me recover exponentially quicker from my recent Near Death experience. I had been training with Master Jeff Organ for about 18 months of Qi Gong cultivating and receiving Qi cleansings twice a week.  I had developed a good amount of stored Qi from cultivating and my Qi channel blockages were open from Qi cleansings. I was feeling Really Good, Vibrant and Energized. Then I had a near death experience that put me in the Hospital for 3 weeks. The Dr’s were not sure I was going to live, no less recover. 

When I was released from the Hospital I could not stand, could not walk, was on dialysis, had a colostomy bag and was a mere skeleton of myself after loosing 40lbs of muscle. Every time I went back to the Dr they would ask me “What are you doing to recover so Quickly?” I told them I was practicing my Qi Gong!


First I had to have physical therapy just to stand, then take a few steps. My kidneys recovered and I was off dialysis in two months. Next was to have my colostomy reversal a few months later. Today, a year after being released from the hospital almost dead, I continue to practice my Qi Gong and get regular, twice a week, Qi cleansings. I am back to lifting weights, running on the treadmill and will be competing in a 5K run in two weeks. 

That is what Qi has done for ME!


Rick P.

Alexander , AR

What I have found with this particular form of qigong is that it has been a real blessing to me in that I can treat my own aches and pains. Before I would have had to pay someone else; I am gradually learning to take care of myself. Also, the more  I am able to focus on my own well being the less I have to rely on pills or pharmaceuticals. 

I can just work on it within my own person.

Boy, I see so many people that could benefit from this, and they don’t even realize it.

They just think they have to keep doing the same things they have been doing. 

This is so much BETTER.


Susan R. MN, RN

North Little Rock, AR

Qigong class, what an enlightening experience it has become for me.  A few months ago I was invited by a friend to attend a qigong class just to see what it was all about.  She had mentioned that it was like no other class she had ever attended.  I did not have much experience with Eastern therapies or exercise in the past.  Maybe I had attended just a few yoga classes over the years.  This was the extent of my knowledge base ; thus my understanding of other methods of healing practices was limited.  I am a nurse and have always been interested in healing and well being, so I was motivated and curious to

learn more about Qigong.


As a newcomer to Qigong, I was completely ignorant about the health benefits of this therapy, not to mention a bit skeptical about how this practice of breathing could be so valuable to preventing illness, healing illness and recuperating from illness.  Nothing about it was familiar from my conventional nursing education.  But after a few classes I started to “get it” and just recently I am beginning to understand how the incredible energy within our bodies and also within our environment has the power to 

affect our lives in very positive ways. 


After only a few months of classes and a very elementary understanding of this art/therapy, I can say that the Chi Kong (Qi Gong) techniques taught in Master Organ’s classes and the fellowship among the participants have been most enjoyable and 

helpful to my general well being.


It has been fun to meet with my classmates each week and see how all of us have grown in our abilities to practice qigong.  We are all at different levels of expertise.  In each class the most experienced members are encouraged to employ therapy techniques to teach the willing newbies how it all works.  Everyone benefits.  The experienced students are able to practice their qigong skills and the elementary students receive a healthful therapy.   This is all accomplished under the watchful and experienced eye of the instructor, 

Master Jeff Organ. 


This class offers a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of a stronger body by using an ancient therapy technique that is tried, true, and available to anyone who can take a breath.


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